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Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?

...and if not... Zombies. Yup, definitely zombies. 
29 April 2009 @ 11:13 am

Just a collection of random drabbles and ficlets about one of our favorite groups of monster-fighting-aliens and their 50 years of containment. The untold stories of Area 51.


Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate; I would appreciate if you would cease your distracting curiosity with my cranial appendiages pleaseCollapse )
28 April 2009 @ 09:59 am
"What drew you to your character if they are canon? If they are an original character, how and why did they come to be about?"

Well if you want the honest of explanations, what drew me to Dr. Cockroach was definitely the fact that he's played by Hugh Laurie, a.k.a. Dr. House. That is all.
(It's not like people haven't taken characters for less).

There are a couple of silly, miscellanious reasons as well. Reasons such as how he can make just about anything out of seemingly nothing, how he is a master at "DDR" (I can call it that right?), and he's British (what? at least I'm being honest here).

All in all though, when if comes to rp-ing a character, even with all the silly and vain reasons that may lead you into taking on a certain character, there also needs to be a certain core. A certain attraction to the character in question's being and persona that is required to hold your interest (well, for me at least, I can't speak on behalf of the entire world. I'm not the best mun at anything really, in fact I know that some people's joke rp accounts have better characterizations and rp-auras than I do with my best rp'd characters).

For Dr. Cockroach, despite his medium-world being that of a child's movie, a comedy even, he has a certain interesting background and story.

For one, he is the only one out of all the monsters, save for the newest one Susan, that actually used to be human at one point himself. Unlike Susan however, he seems to be rather socially awkward, seeming to be more at a loss than even Link (The Missing Link) who has had a comparably much shorter social experience than he has had.
This may be attributed to the fact that Dr. Cockroach is most likely a type of concluded genius or "mad scientist" as he fancies himself.

However, Dr. Cockroach seems far from the social recluse seeing as he was the first to approach Susan on her first day in "prison," he knows and had attempted to reach out to the other people at Susan's welcoming-home party through his comical bartending skills, and he has a Ph. D. in dance of all things.

One word that I think describes Dr. Cockroach best is 'eccentric'.

He is definitely a very fun character to be played and has the potential of many developments in the future. I hope I get his character right and will use him to his max potential.

...And as a little bonus note, since Hugh Laurie was the one who brought this character to life he was also, technically, the first one to "RP" him. Hehe.
28 April 2009 @ 09:27 am
Title: First Day in Prison
Author: bishojo_kitsune 
Character: Dr. Cockroach-centric
Rating: PG
Summary: Dr. Cockroach's first day in area fif-*BLOCKED*
Notes: Look what I can do before class! 1st person POV
Prompt: "You wake up in holding cell and have no memory of how you got there. As you pace around the cell, you find five items in your pocket from the night before. As you look at each piece, the night slowly comes back to you. Write about your night, why you have these five items and how you ended up there."
Canon Timeline: Pre- movie?
Words: 513

There is a loud, red alarm blaring above me. I swear, I need to invent sound blockers or something, or maybe a coclear filter.

Ugh, my head hurt. Eh? Wait... Where am I?

Hmm... Last thing I remember was finishing up an experiment in my lab and then-


And then...


Ah! It's no use, I can't recall anything past that point.

Had the Russians discovered my research and now have kidnapped me?

Are they going to co-erse me into building their devilish weapons or just kill me and take over my research?

I forbid it! *cloink*


Apparently my containment quarters are smaller than I calculated.

*Pace, pace*

Aha! That's it! I must escape! I'll show these northern vodka-loving barbarians what a true British mad-scientist is capable of!

Let's see what I have at my disposal. Foolish Russians, leaving me with my loyal lab coat and accompanying tools!


...Ok, I may have overestamated their higher reasoning skills for it seems I have been picked dry-



They haven't stopped me yet! For I have...


HaHA! And my loyal pencil! They cannot foil the power of note taking!

Hmm... What else do I have here?

*Rumage, rumage*

I have-!

...Some...pocket lint.



Hmm... Is it my imagination...? Or...


Why does this lint suddenly seem...appetizing?

*nom noms*

Heh... That's it! The trials and hardship of being a prisoner-of-war has driven me to the despiration and delirium that anything may be perserved as food! That must be it. Well no matter, that just shows you you can't bring me down with the withholding of basic edible suppliments. I CAN MAKE MY OWN! MUHAHAHAHAHA!


The only other two items I have left is this paper clip and... a dented aluminium can?

Oh right, I had a soda for lunch yesterday.




*Some time later*

Now I just stimulate the friction from my woolen socks to the base aluminium and routing paperclip point I can make a shockwave large enough to break my holding door!






"What the heck are you doing man?!"

"Oh! Ah... Gu...tan ...morgen?"

"What? Speak english! I'm not German!"

"You're not Russian?"


"Oh... Oh! Yes!...right then. Umm...Ah... Are we in your homeland?"

"Yes. I'm General Monger. Welcome to Area-er... The Unitied States of America."

"America!? So you're not a spy?"

"What makes you think I'm a spy!?"

"Why are you holding me captive then?!"

"You don't remember last night at all do you?"

"Ah... No."

"Your experiment? Your rampage through town?"

"Hmmm... It's something of a blur..."

"Well anyway, this is your new home now. Can you please return to...what's left of your quarters. Your orientation isn't for another two hours."

"Oh alright."

"How did you do *that*!? I thought we stripped you of any hazardous devices."

"You left me some alumium and bendable metal."

"...Your garbage."


" *Whisles* Woo-wee that was something."

"Thank you."

"...Don't do it again." 

"Oh yeah, may I make a simple request?"


"...Can I have some new socks?"